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Re: A little help, please

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If I had a nickel for every time people express shock at how I have not seen/watched something.. oh forget about people, I'll just take the money I'd make off Guy asking me this.
RodrigoBrowncoat wrote: View Post
Thank you, guys...
Teacake, if you had a nickel for eveytime people asked if you were male or female...

teacake wrote: View Post
Start with season 4.
Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
This is not how you treat a lady on a first date.

(Teacake means start with the last episode of season 3, but that's only an issue if you're paying hundreds of dollars for dvd boxsets and not streaming from netflx.)
You are both in error. Starting at the END of season 3 would miss the AWESOME "Worst Case Scenario"... but the OP would not understand why its so AWESOME if they did not recall who Seska was. They would also miss the INCREDIBLE "Warloird", not to mention its equally FASCINATING "Before & After", neither of which would be as striking unless you saw Kes' full 3 season "arc".

And we won't even mention the travesty of missing B'Elanna's story, as it unfolds in season ONE'S "Parallax", Prime Factors", and AMAZING "Faces", Season Two's "Persistance of Vision", and "Prototype" along with the return of the MAQUIS in "Manuevers" during BLT's IMPASSIONED defense of Chakotay to Janeway but even MORE IMPORTANT when B'Elanna once again faces herself in "Dreadnaught", or season THREE'S "Blood Fever".

Speaking of TRAVESTY, skipping season 2 not only misses "Deathwish"... more EGREGIOUSLY it skips "Deadlock". (You thought I was going to say "Resolutions"... didn't you! Well that IS on my fav list, but one shouldn't watch it without the ep that preceeds it, and I am NOT going to mention "T" without wearing body armor. That ep will engender more vitriol than "Threshold". Instead I'll ask... do you really want to misseps that contain such Janeway Gems as "Caretaker", "Eye of the Needle", "The 37's", "Elogium". Alliances", "MELD" for glory's sake!!!!

No.... skipping to the end of season 3 misses too much.

teacake wrote: View Post

Still don't understand why people love The Thaw though.
I SO agree with loving this ep, especially since the final scene is one of THE BEST SCENES IS ALL THE TREKDOM, not just of STV.

I blame the missunderstanding on a clown phobia.">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

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I had a friends father telling me (a couple months ago) that Jesus Christ Super Star in his opinion, not that he's actually seen it, was still one of the most virulent continuing attacks on Christianity today.

Old people.

Guy... what do you consider "old"?

Love that musical!
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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