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Iain M Banks, Peter F Hamilton and China Miéville

Morning, folks -

I manage to get across here so rarely these days, but I realised I'd been negelecting my buds, and I miss you!

Last year I had been posting links to the interviews I had been doing for my website, but things got busy, so with apologies for my tardiness, our recent science fiction authors -

Iain M Banks, creator of the Culture series, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year with The Hydrogen Sonata -

Peter F Hamilton, creator of the Commonwealth saga, whose last novel was the standalone Great North Road -

And China Miéville, three time winner of the Arthur C Clarke award for Perdido Street Station, Iron Council and The City & The City, who most recently recreated Moby Dick on a distant planet in Railsea and is currently writing Dial H -

All of them were fantastic guys to interview, so I hope you enjoy.

And now I need to start making arrangements for the next batch of interviews...
And I warn you now, the velocity I'm gathering...
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