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Re: Thoughts on "Valiant"?

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And yet, this episode gives us the precedent that allowed Trek'09 to happen. After saving the day, Kirk should have been granted a commission as a Lt jg, and told to report to the Lexington. Effectively only skipping the Ensign rank, and only because he saved Earth.
Kirk was already a Lieutenant and first officer of the ship, so what your saying is that they should demote him after saving them from destruction and death. And its not even the reward type demotion where it was just to get him back on the Enterprise which he really wanted.
Incorrect. Kirk was a third year cadet at the Academy, but presumably had completed a sufficient number of courses for graduation at that time and a subsequent commission in Starfleet (at the rank of Ensign, as commensurate with the graduation of a cadet). His stated goal was graduation in three years, which he would have done if it were not for the Narada incident. This put him on a timetable for promotion to Captain within 4 years of graduation from the Academy. He was promoted directly to Captain directly from Cadet.

Any display screen text in the film listing Kirk as a Lieutenant is counter to the facts of the film.
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