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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Unending: A wonderful title for a series finale and a wonderful episode! Not exactly a wrap up but more of a tribute ep I think. This was quite excellent and realistic as to how they would all handle all those decades on that ship together. At the very end when we had to see if Carter's plan would work my heart was in my mouth! Even though, duh, it obviously does. I loved how she quietly, at the meal table, says she has found the answer. I was also a little bemused at them eating off mess hall trays when they can now replicate anything. And cheers for the blue jello making an appearance in Stargates final episode!

So, some screenshots of things that caught my eye..

Vala bored at the SGC arranges parties for people whose birthday it isn't.. not that she informs guests of this. This scene confirmed what I've been thinking all season: Vala is the Pinkie Pie of Stargate. The non sequiturs, the short attention span, the never ending desire to happy up a dull crowd..

I spent the whole episode planning to make a Pinkie Pie pic using the Vala quote from this ep and here it is..

So I'm starting to wonder why Daniel is knocking her back.. it's not like there's no chemistry. He's looking a lot dumber than Harry when 7 offered to copulate..

And then we got to THIS SCENE and I was absolutely gutted at how Daniel was treating her. Yes I had somehow forgotten about the old fighting before finally falling into each others arms scenario, though that may be because he really did go nasty on her ass

I get it though, at the end of the day he's a bit intimidated and he can't shake the suspicion she just wants a plaything. Glad it worked out in that timeline

Despite a bit of mistletoe it seems everyone else spent a lonely half century..

A lovely scene..

And an episode I will be very much looking forward to rewatching. I'm wondering if references to the Asgard giving earth all their tech come up in Atlantis? As in, if they've already been willing to do it once, then it all blew up, will Thor give them some again? I can't remember, but it would have had less impact having not seen Stargate.

I know people said it didn't matter.. but is there is a preferred movie to watch first?

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