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Re: A little help, please


That king of kings miniseries from the 70s they always rerun for Easter, the Romans stripped him, whipped him raw and then crowned him with that Coronet of Thrones.

When looking at, “The Greek word translated for ‘cross,’ which is stauros, it means ‘an upright stake’” (Brown). Not only a word, it is a symbol that has become synonymous as the heart of our Christian faith today. It is interesting to note that there are many differing views of what Simon carried for our Lord. Scholars seem to concur that the weight of the entire cross Simon carried would be normally about 300 pounds. Its physical makeup was about 15-feet for the long beam and 8-feet for the crossbar. Yet, was it an actual cross? Through biblical commentaries one discovers that typically the victim of crucifixion only carried the crossbar, which in itself weighed somewhere between 75 to 125 pounds. As David Guzik states, “When the victim carried the crossbar, he was usually stripped naked and his hands were often tied to the wood. The upright beams were often permanently fixed in a visible place outside of the city walls, beside a major road. Many times before this day, Jesus probably passed by the very upright He would hang upon” (Guzik).

Passion of the Christ is another movie I haven't seen, by choice I think, but I get the impression that a lot of bad things happened to the Messiahs genitals in that movie.
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