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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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I'm also disappointed that we didn't see Carol return. I'd hoped that once she'd become a Star Sapphire, she'd be brought back for the big finale. I would've liked to see all the various ring corps standing together against the cosmic threat. And Carol could've played a role in convincing Aya that she was really motivated by love after all.
I had wondered why they didn't bring in the other corps. I didn't think of Carol, but that would have been perfect.

Speaking of emotions, it took me a moment to fully get what we saw at the end, with the blue ring flying after Razer. It makes sense -- now his overriding motivation is not hate, but hope -- the belief against all reason that his true love survives somewhere, and the drive to seek her out no matter what. So if the series did return, he would no doubt become a Blue Lantern.
It clicked for me the instant I saw the ring, and I thought it was awesome.

And it's about time. Really, it hasn't been very logical for him to continue being a Red Lantern ever since he's been hanging out with Hal and co. The more he grows as a character, the less he should be able to use that power.

The magnetic field disruptors were not a very plausible doomsday weapon. Disrupting the Earth's magnetic field would do little worse than disrupting communications and electronics.
That bugged me too. If the show's timing were different, perhaps the creators could have made a nod to current news and called them Higgs Boson disruptors.
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