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Re: Could some meteorites be starship debris?

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Some of us like to pretend that we live in a world of (hidden) science fiction. Wonder and all that. Of course this is bs but it's a pleasant bs.
I'm quite familiar with the concept of "wonder." As I type, I'm downloading a bunch of Hidden Object games from Big Fish - filled with all kinds of gothic-y wonder and steampunkish stuff. I'm also in the midst of reading Ben Bova's newest Grand Tour novel, Farside, about building an astronomical observatory on the far side of the Moon, using nanotechnology. And I'd love it if I stumbled over some cosmic mystery or adventure next time I go downtown on my errands.

Yes, it's "pleasant bs"... but the ultimate wonder is what RL science discovers. And that's why a rock is sometimes just a rock. Mind you, I have a special affection for rocks that have traveled a long way... such as from outer space.

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The bits they've recovered show the original body was probably a chondrite (stony) meteorite.
At least that what the government controlled media reported to you.

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Gov Kodos, this is fantastic, is it from a movie, or an art project?

This is Eldrad, from one of the classic Doctor Who episodes of the Tom Baker era (and Lis Sladen's final story as a regular Companion).
"Let's give it to Riker. He'll eat anything!"

For some great Original Series fanfic, check out the Valjiir Continuum!
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