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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Titus Andronicus wrote: View Post
Hell, I'd have it so that he's in the film but Superman's facing off with Metallo. Introduce Kryptonite, begin the Superman-Luthor rivalry, AND have some excellent fight scenes.
Don't worry, this is Zack Snyder. I'm sure he'll have TONS of crazy, over the top action scenes in this movie.

JD wrote: View Post
Yeah. I'd like to think after Avengers and Thor they would realize that they can go with the crazier stuff and people will still see the movie. I would love to see Brainiac, Parasite, or Metallo in a big budget movie, most of the animated stuff I've seen with them I've really liked.
Yeah that kind of thing can work, but personally I don't want Superman to be just another colorful, jokey, Marvel-style comic book movie with two-dimensional villains. I want it to feel a bit more special and unique than that.

Avengers, Iron Man, and Spidey 2 are certainly great examples of that style, but to me Superman requires something a bit different (and yes, I know the Donner movies were comic booky in the extreme, but there was still an equal amount of reverence and seriousness there to balance things out).
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