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Re: What are you reading?

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Was dusting off the bookcase yesterday. I picked up David Gerrold's "The Trouble with Tribbles" - the story of how he conceived and sold the story. Wasn't really intending on reading it - but I got into it. It's been so long since I picked this up and I am finding it as good a read as I remember - or rather as good a read as I forget, because I don't remember a lot of what's in it.
The other day, David was musing about perhaps writing a book about his experiences during the first season of TNG. If he does, I'm sure it'll be quite the read.

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North Dakota DOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.

Actually, I'm listening to the book on tape in the car. Don't spoil it for me.
Just wait until you see the movie. They really captured all the excitement of the book.
Meh, it was a ripoff of the Tacoma Narrows disaster.

On topic... I finished Reality 36 today, and just started Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer. (It took me a while to track down a copy - even though the paperback only came out yesterday, two stores were already sold out.) I'm only about ten pages into it, though.
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