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Threshold is one of the most disgusting Trek episodes ever made.
And that is why we Voyager fans should be so proud of it. I wouldn't use the word disgusting though, I would say it is the most WTF Trek episode ever made. And it's OURS!! We beat all the other Treks in the WTF stakes!

TNG had Barclay as a spider, DS9 had Quark as a female, TOS had Catspaw and ENT had the almost too weak an entry to mention Trip pregnancy. None of that stuff comes anywhere near Threshold which had the CAPTAIN and a member of her crew not only mutating into hideous swamp monsters but MATING and BREEDING. I'm capslocking just in case you're missing what a triptych of WTFness this is Timewalker.

Mutating, Mating and Breeding.

And at end of all those other Treks the whole story was over. Barclay didn't leave any egg sacs lying around, Trip was only an incubator.. but with Threshold we all know the story is not over and there are Janeway and Paris babies out there in the Delta quadrant. Waiting for the Voyager movie to be made.

The most WTF Trek episode ever made
There were quite a few revolting TNG episodes (gee, thanks for reminding me of Barclay as a spider...). There were revolting TOS episodes (ie. Charlie X changing one of the women crewmembers into a faceless, whimpering monster - I have never been able to watch that episode ever again, after seeing that scene. Even my grandfather was creeped out ("Dat's horrible!" he said in his Swedish accent).

Quark as a female was hilarious. I never once took the Ferengi seriously, during the entire TNG/DS9 series. As for Trip, I never saw that episode. I missed most of Enterprise, after giving up partway through the first season because it was just so GODDAMN BAD. I liked Porthos the dog, and that's the only good part of that series. Is it that a guy was pregnant, or that it was Trip? 'Cause I've seen other shows with pregnant guys (that Schwarzenegger movie and an episode of Sliders where Rembrandt was pregnant).

But Threshold damn near made me throw up, seriously.
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