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Re: Kickstartering dormant properties: name your price!

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I really don't like the whole kickstarter thing. To me when it involves pre-existing Hollywood type projects it comes across like fans ponying up their own money to give to an NFL team so they can sign a FA... Sure it's a team you like, but why should you be giving money to someone or some corporation which already has made and will make millions?
That's not what kickstarter is supposed to be. It was never intended as a place for Hollywood insiders to do anything.

This Veronica Mars thing seems aimed at two ideas: 1) convincing Warners that there's a market for it and 2) PR boost for the movie when it finally appears, whether actually in theaters (has anyone checked with the theater owners whether they would even agree to show a niche movie on anything but a token basis?) or just digital version sold/streamed online.

Both 1 and 2 are things studios already do, on their own dime. If there's a market for something, the studio should do the research to find that out. And they are definitely responsible for marketing their wares.

I anticipate this will inspire astroturf kickstarter campaigns (I'm assuming VM is not that). It would be very easy for a studio to already have a greenlit project, but do a phony kickstarter campaign to get fans to do a lot of their PR work for them.
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