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Re: Hogan's Heroes, the movie

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In keeping with tradition Larry David for Klink

Anyway, Dave Sim had a brilliant analysis of Hogan's Heroes back in one of his Swords of Cerebus trade paperbacks. He interpreted the show as a satire of corporate bureaucarcy in the 60s. The main Germans on the show (Klink, Schulz and to a lesser extent Burkholder), were middle management guys. They didn't want to be there and didn't believe in the business. They were just terrified of being fired (sent to the Russian front). Major Hoffsteader was the outside consultant who occasionally showed up from the corporate HQ (Berlin) who could shake things up and get them fired. Basically, the Nazi uniforms were grey flannel suits.
Makes sense to me. Especially the way Klink sucks up to the boss, when ever high ranking members of the military or the party visits the camp.

: "Fortunately, I have a plan."
Klink: "Brilliant plan, Herr General!"
Burkhalter: "...I haven't said what it is, yet."
Klink: "Oh, yes, of course, but it will be brilliant!"
Burkhalter: "Shut up, Klink."
Klink: "Yes, Herr General."
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