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Re: A little help, please

No sir, there is only one of me.

Seven smelling like a flower when Kim doesn't actually sells the still-suit idea harder if you think about it, that her foul rank sweaty build up is not being churned into a cottage cheese every time her arms would swing back and forth, and is instead being processed into a chemical final product which is re-purposed into some undisclosed task other than fermenting in her pits like its some steam punk still made up from copper pipe and boiler plates, then moist streaming droplets of gritty perspiration should be running down the hills and valleys of her ribs past those pretty kidneys to well up, soaking and yellowing the defensive barrier where her narrow hips meet regulation issue briefs, which is what was happening to Harry.


If you were to lick Ensign Kim's armpits, all the booze dew hanging low from the pubic tufts sprouting out of his lymph nodes can get you just a little bit tipsy enough to mind going in for a second slather.
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