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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Ultron destroyed most of America. Most of the Heroes died. New York looks like Escape form New York... (In a remastered version of Escape form New York are they going to deal with the World Trade centre? Oh, Escape from New York was set in 1997... Never mind.) The phrase "Washington DC is gone" was an absolute without need of elaboration. It's gone.

Issue one starts a week after the fall of human kind, humans like cockroaches avoiding scrambling under the rubble and into the sewers as indestructible flying robots heat ray vision anything with a pulse. Mean while a collection of b-level villains have Peter Parker tied to a chair he doesn't seem to have the strength to break free from...

Well that's odd.

Were they using adamantium handcuffs?

Unless they had him on horse tranquillizers?

Although, they were harvesting Mutant Growth Hormone (Spider-Man isn't a Mutant!) off Spider-Man, so if "Otto" was working with them up to some point, an then he was really tied to that chair because he was too much of a dick to share the world with... Or he's a Trojan horse for the villain community or Ultron?

But Spider-Man is in the wrong costume to be Otto.

Although I could see Ultron needing to trade with meat for Otto, or something Otto has or Otto can do rather than anything Peter can bring to the table.

If this turns out to be a Holodeck, and Avengers Arena turns out to be a holodeck... You have to wonder if it's the same holodeck?
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