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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

Now that I've finished season 1 & 2 's dvds and caught the early season 3 eps... I have a couple questions... one which I'll repeat.

1) I realize "we saw" Bo kiss/ko the dude at the end of the premiere, and have seen her dream about it... but why would she lose it so bad with a fae that he died (I thought she couldn't kill fae that way, just humans) and NOT even come close to losing it with Lauren. Lauren should succumb more easily due to her humaness.

So, did Bo really kill that dark fae guy, or is that a vision / nightmare placed within her to lead us astray?

2) Are we sure that the photo Tamsin showed coma guy was Bo? (It didn't look like her, although the full photo was never seen).

If Tamsin was placed within the police dept to pin the dark fae murders on Bo, why didn't she tell the Morrigan the truth IF Bo did them... or tell the truth IF Bo didn't do them?

3) Is the reason the Morrigan doesn't like Tamsin and want her dead (in the "Revert them to prepubertal teen episode") because she suspects the Valkarie is holding something back... or is there something else going on between these two that makes them distrust/dislike each other?

4) Since there are bad "light fae" why is it so hard for Bo to consider there are good "dark fae", and who do you believe on that score? Is Tamsin one of the good guys.. or not?

Have you seen the interview before season 3 aired? Contains spoilers re: blood on someone's shirt and the name/relationship of an upcoming guest star.

and part 2 is here...

and 3 is here.">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
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