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Re: Original Phaser Rifle Prop Found!

Christopher wrote: View Post
I wonder if there are any surviving design drawings by Jefferies for what the, err, "phaser 3" might've looked like. Or, failing that, if there are fan designs for what a series-style phaser rifle might've looked like.
Well, according to Jefferies' early drawing, the rifle was a "Phaser 4." (He identifies that the "Phaser 3" is actually the removable handle/"power pack.")

Star Trek Phase II did have a phaser rifle in "Blood and Fire. (I think that's the only episode in which we used it, but they all start to run together in my mind, so I'm not sure.) It was designed by Mr. John Broughton over at Starship Farragut. For our Phase II production, we modified it a tiny bit: we swapped out a new-style phaser 1 that Farragut had used, and replaced it with a standard phaser 1. We also added a "Sims' beacon" (one of those little flashlight-things that you can wear on a headband that we picked up at Wal*Mart) to the top of the targeting scope. This permits the user to see the target in darkened conditions. (More importantly, it also allowed director David Gerrold to capture a cool light beam to show up on our smoke-filled set, in a Steven Spielbergian fashion.)

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