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Re: the Star Wars Expanded universe

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Would Star wars fans want an all new post ROTJ Eu?
Oh yes - I'm getting quite excited about it.

Put it this way - I saw the first movie more times than I care to remember when it came out in 1977. I purchased all the novels, the video's, comics and so on. I was a fan.

After the long (very long) fallow period I grabbed the hardback of Heir To The Empire when it came out and followed the ever increasing number of novels until I realised part of the way through the Yuuzhan Vong books that I really didn't give a fig anymore. It just wasn't doing it for me.

Some 15 years ago I got my son up on a Sunday morning and left my wife asleep. I sat him on my lap and showed him Star Wars, his first movie - he was three weeks old. I am still a fan (and he has grown up to be a fan too).

The old EU may have lost its appeal, but the idea of a whole new start with new films and a new (hopefully better) EU has a lot of appeal to me. Bring it on...
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