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Re: Veronica Mars Movie - Kickstarter

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This worries me a hell of a lot....

There was a real internal debate, for me, about what kind of movie I wanted to make. Just by way of example, I really enjoyed "Side Effects," and that sort of noir thriller that I could see Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars in something like that. I liked the plotting of that movie. I had some desire, as a filmmaker, to take Veronica in a slightly new direction and do something adventurous with her. Or, there's the "give the people what they want" version. And I think partly because it's crowd-sourced, I'm going with the "give the people what they want" version. It's going to be Veronica being Veronica, and the characters you know and love. Certainly, I think I can make a fun, great movie out of that, and I'm excited about that, but it was a creative debate I had with myself, and I finally made the decision that I'm happy with it, to go with, "Let's not piss people off who all donated. Let's give them the stuff that I think that they want in the movie."
I'm not sure what part of that worries you. It's been years since the show went off the air so it would hardly make sense to have it still be a high school or college mystery drama. Veronica Mars the character has surely moved on with her life and we'd get to see what Rob Thomas had in mind. Personally I'm not too concerned he's going to go too left field with whatever he has in mind (e.g., turning Veronica into super-spy Nikita or something equally silly).
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