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Re: The Dominion Triumphant: A Star Trek Dystopia

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Really enjoyed this latest installment...I felt like I could relate in a way, I had been holding onto something from my past that I needed to let go, and it was hard to finally make that choice, but it had to be done for the sake of the future. One very small..teeny weeny nit-pick, you state that the Enterprises sensors couldn't detect a field mouse inside the ship because they were "focused on bigger and more important things". This doesn't seem to make sense, I would suggest the sensor's are off line because parts had been cannibalised for more critical needs. this is a flotilla of ships without a proper industrial base after all...again, a minor thing...I'm loving this story..
So noted (and changed). I think I had a point as to why the sensors wouldn't pick up a mouse, but on second thought it's not really valid no matter what I used as an excuse. The internal sensors were officially damaged during the battle. That's my new line on that one...thanks for the help!
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