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(their probaly WERE some people as low rank as lieutenant commanding defiant class ships given how small those are.
They are small, but they are new, and they are pure warships, with the capabilities of a much larger ship. You wouldn't want anyone under Captain in one of those.
Dax and Worf were Lt. Commanders and they were both commanding the Defiant for long periods of time, Hell when Dax was doing it Sisko had been reassigned to working with Ross and wasn't even commanding the ship anymore at that point.
Dax and Worf were given command of specific assignments, but Sisko was still the real, assigned captain of the Defiant.

When Sisko was re-assigned to Ross's staff, there was no captain. Dax was in command because she was the number-two officer (it would have been Worf, but he was off having fun with Martok); if Sisko had remained as a staff officer any longer, the Defiant would have gotten a new captain.
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