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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

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Let's not forget that Ricardo Montalban played the suave villain in the original WONDER WOMAN tv pilot starring Cathy Lee Crosby.
Talk about a horrible adaptation! Montalban was the best thing about that pilot.

The Fugitive also featured several TOS guest stars:

William ("what's a Takei?") Shatner guest starred in the episode "Stranger in the Mirror."

"A Clean and Quiet Town" was a TOS triple threat with guest stars William Bramley (policeman who called Spock a "barbarian" in "Bread and Circuses"), Lloyd Haynes (Lt. Alden in "Where No Man Has Gone Before"), and Michael Strong (Korby in "What are Little Girls Made Of?").

Madlyn Rhue (McGivers in "Space Seed") appeared twice, in the episodes "The Sharp Edge of Chivalry" and "Somebody to Remember."

Susan Oliver (Vina) was in the 2-parter "Never Wave Goodbye."

Clint Howard (Balok) made the rounds two times, in "Set Fire to A Straw Man," and "Home is the Hunted."

Jeanne Bal (Nancy Crater) guest starred in "Tiger Left, Tiger Right"

Of course, the recently departed Malachi Throne (Commodore Mendez) was a two time guest, in the episodes "Conspiracy of Silence," and "Rat in a Corner."

That just the small list.
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