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Re: Kickstartering dormant properties: name your price!

I really don't like the whole kickstarter thing. To me when it involves pre-existing Hollywood type projects it comes across like fans ponying up their own money to give to an NFL team so they can sign a FA... Sure it's a team you like, but why should you be giving money to someone or some corporation which already has made and will make millions?

As far as I understand kickstarter the money that is funded is basically a donation. You do not get that money back. If the project funded makes 10/20/30 times the intitial investment through kickstarter that kickstarter money still is not returned. The only one who makes a profit is kickstarter itself(taking 5% of the funded money) and the owner of the project for whatever they make once the project is created.

Something about all that just seems wrong to me.
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