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Re: What was your frist star trek experience

I remember to this day the first time I ever saw Star Trek; it scared the crap out of me, lol. It was when the episode "Charlie X" first aired and when the girl with no face came around the corner; it scared me to death!! I had nightmares about that for years, lol, but it also hooked me and I have been a life-long Trek fan since then.

During syndication in the early 1970's myself and my best friend would watch the episodes (which came on every day at 5:00 PM) and make detailed (or as detailed as we could) drawings of the sets, props, etc., I still have that notebook which is really interesting to browse through and I'm still doing detailed drawings to this day, lol. Some things never changes

Check out my site and you will see what I mean, lol !!!

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