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Re: Jadzia Dax Appreciation

Abso-bloody-lutely! Please can I be vice-chairman of the Jadzia Appreciation Society...

I agree that Farrell is a solid actress - the fact that the writers gave her some duff episodes (such as "Meridian") doesn't alter this. I think she makes the "old soul in a young body" element of her character very credible with that certain quirky irony she has. Many people have seen that quality as arrogance which I've never understood - to me it merely conveyed the kind of amused detachment and indulgence which an individual with the experience of several lifetimes behind her would necessarily feel towards the comparative "children" surrounding her.

I also like her friendship with Sisko; it's real, it works well, and it's refreshing to see a friendship between a male and a female character that doesn't automatically and inevitably turn into a romance (even if they did start the friendship as both males - which adds another quirky and interesting perspective to the mix as she'll sometimes talk to Sisko "man-to-man").
She's courageous, she's sassy, she's initelligent. Plus she is drop-dead gorgeous.
What else could one possibly want in a woman? Maybe all the detractors are just jealous that they don't look like her (if female) or will never get to sleep with anyone who does (if male).

I agree her death was a shame and a bit rushed - she deserved to go out fighting.
However as I understand it the actress was ready to leave the show, she had other engagements and didn't want to do another year, so they had to find a way to write her out.

As for the Klingon storylines - well there were a few but I must admit those were usually my favourite Jadzia episodes. It makes sense with Curzon's very involved past history with them, and I've always seen Jadzia as possessing a good deal of the Klingon "let's go and kick arse" attitude. I particularly like "Blood Oath" where she insists on following three old friends along on their vengeance mission.
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