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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Talion: Pretty gory. Well done fight scenes. Dramatic death of the enemy. Arkad's accent cracked me up. Would have been nice to have heard the Teal'c mother story back in the beginning of the series (or did we?)
No, this is the first time it was mentioned. Talion's a good episode, but it seemed a bit late in the game to introduce this guy who apparentally was Teal'c's sworn enemy when he served Apophis and even Bra'tac has an axe to grind with him.

Family Ties is loaded with bitter in-jokes related to SG-1's cancellation. My favourite, after Jacek comments the SGC seems underfunded:

Carter: "The Stargate program doesn't get the respect it used to anymore."
Jacek: "Why's that?"
Dr Lee (working in background): "Eureka!"
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