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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

Just caught this now on AppleTV. Posting this first before I read anybody else's comments, so if I duplicate I apologize.

Not massively blown away. It was certainly gorgeously produced, and the young Adama was certainly pretty. But the story was kind of a big fat zero.

Right in the first 15 minutes, the whole thing was coming across as so hugely cliched that I was thinking "I could write better than this." The stock characters and the set-up were so obvious.
  • The cocky rookie who wants to prove himself.
  • The grizzled veteran who is due to retire in two weeks.
  • The instant love interest with a tragic past and a secret.
  • The hero who is worshipped by the noob but it's all a lie.
  • The crazy guy with the wild eyes who snaps.
How many millions of action movies have had exactly that same set-up? No originality there at all. And the plot didn't seem to fare any better - the ultimate message was "sometimes soldiers have do questionable things in war, but we shouldn't tell the public about it." Is that really a message that needed to be told at this point in world history? Do we not already know that?

And the casting - I get that a producer likes to give jobs to people who they like and who have worked for them before, and they know to be reliable. But when no less than seven of the cast have been in BSG productions before, it just breaks your sense of reality, your suspension of disbelief. All I could think was, "Oh, he's been in this," or "she's been in that." Across entirely different shows is one thing, but playing two separate characters in the same universe set only 40 years apart is too much for me to accept.

When the Osiris sacrificed itself oh-so-emotionally-and-inspiringly against the enemy, I began to wonder if they had deliberately placed familiar actors in those roles as some kind of narrative shortcut - we would care more about the deaths of these people, not because of the characters themselves but simply because they were played by the same actors as characters we had previously cared about. But then the script had been blatantly manipulative already - the lead has sex with the love interest (by a roaring fire no less) before she betrays him, the pilot learns he has a child just before he dies in battle, and so on.

So all in all, it was well produced and well enough performed, but I wasn't entirely sure that the thing needed to exist at all. It was entertaining enough I suppose - I don't regret the five pounds I spent to rent it - but I felt there was simply more content, more story, more reason to exist in Razor, Caprica and The Plan.

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