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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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I thought the pre-Big Bang Cosmos was utterly awesome, with such clear and suggestive symbolism.
It's a classic image from Green Lantern comics mythology -- when the ancient Maltusian scientist Krona tried to peer back to the beginning of the universe, he saw that image, a hand wrapped around a spiral of stars, and it marked a point beyond which he couldn't see, and there was some kind of consequence for his hubris and all that. (Larry Niven and John Byrne's Ganthet's Tale graphic novel, the work that introduced the Ganthet character, retconned "the Hand" and the whole origin myth into an illusion created to conceal some deeper truth, but I'm not sure if that retcon survived the past couple of continuity resets.)
Ah, thanks for that. I haven't read the GL comic in years.

As for the YJ finale, it was OK. I'd noticed that the animation had gone downhill near the end of the run, which is understandable I suppose, but it's still kind of unfortunate.
Looked okay to me.
It wasn't anything super-huge; but some of the facial expressions didn't have good in-betweens and they were somewhat out of proportion, too. The facial expressions and head movements didn't strike me as being as carefully and skillfully drawn as they were in, say, the first several episodes of the whole series. It looked like they might have turned the budget down a notch in that department. I started to really notice it after the last hiatus. Available production time could have been a factor too, I suspect.

And to reiterate, I'd much rather see the continuation of either of these shows, but especially both, instead of the new Teen Titans or another Batman show.
I think Batman shows are just a fact of life at this point, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. But it just now occurs to me that what would've been neat was if they spun off Bruce Greenwood's Batman from YJ -- did a series that was set in the YJ universe but focused on the Bat-family instead of the Team. (Maybe something filling in the 5-year gap.)
Good idea; that seems more interesting, at least.
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