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TNG: The Stuff of Dreams by James Swallow Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Simon & Schuster is giving ebook-exclusive releases another try with James Swallow's TNG novella The Stuff of Dreams, which will be available for download on March 25th. Seems clever to schedule this three month into the annual TOS marathon, with fans of the 24th century likely eager for new content, even if it won't advance the story just yet - it's a standalone set before the Cold Equations trilogy. Edit: Whoops, as Thrawn points out below, the novella was actually moved after the Equations after all!

Unfortunately Simon & Schuster hasn't put up a blurb for it, but here's a line lifted from Mr. Swallow's blog:

When Captain Picard is summoned back to the mysterious space-time phenomenon known as the nexus, he and his crew become embroiled in a desperate plot to rewrite history, no matter what the cost.
And here's the excerpt-less book page.

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