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TOS: The Weight of Worlds by Greg Cox Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Greg Cox' new novel The Weight of Worlds (known for a while as The Twilight Realm) is about to beam down on March 26th and serves as the half-way mark of this year's TOS marathon. Sounds like there are significant Sulu and Uhura plots in store here, fans take note.

Blurb time:

The Ephrata Institute is an intellectual think tank at the outer fringes of the final frontier. Dedicated to the arts and sciences, the Institute seems an unlikely target for an invasion, but it proves easy pickings when the Crusade comes from beyond, determined to impose its harsh, unbending Truth on all the worlds of the Federation. Armed with weaponized gravity, the alien Crusaders will stop at nothing to rescue the universe from its myriad beliefs . . . even if it means warping the mind and soul of every sentient being they encounter.

Responding to an urgent distress signal, Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise soon find themselves in conflict with the Crusade, and facing individual challenges. When Kirk and Spock are transported to the Crusade’s distant homeland to confront the source of the invasion, Sulu finds himself trapped behind enemy lines, while Lieutenant Uhura is faced with possibly the most difficult decisions of her career.

As the Crusade sets its sights beyond Ephrata IV, it is up to the Enterprise and its besieged crew to keep freedom of thought from being crushed beneath the weight of worlds!
Sadly there's no excerpt available yet, but feast your eyes on the fetching new design of Simon & Schuster's book pages, and then keep that link around in case a sampling of the text does pop up early next week.
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