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Re: "Ion" sounds technical

Now in John Archibald Wheeler's book Geons, Black Holes, and Quantum Foam: A Life in Physics he talked about the concept "Charge without charge."

This might be a bit different

Now of all the drives seen yet, the cytherian probe in the Nth degree seemed to move without any type of field manipulation at all, at least not detectably. That impresses me as a fictional concept. This all plays into my difficulty in how to rank pure saucer concepts.

The metaluna type saucer in This Island Earth looks more primative than a Fed saucer, which has a busy secondary hull nacelle pairing. But Klaatu's minimalist design seems to argue for simplicity.

Then I look at a Klingon Bird of Prey, I see a more agile version of the Great Eastern.
It has artificial and anti-gravity, retro-thrusters, and warp/impulse drive--oh and wings to boot.

Great Eastern had sails, paddlewheels and propellers.
But the props (now maybe kitesails) took over from that--so maybe a pure simple saucer is more advanced, despite the retro look...

In terms of Spocks brain, his headpiece almost seemed proto-cyberman. Maybe an artist could show some handlebars too--or Nimoy in Alan Rickman's head sculpt in Galaxy Quest for a joke
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