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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Storywise I think Rogue Planet is a good episode. I like how Reed has 28 merit badges whilst Archer only has 26. I have no idea what an eagle scout is or how many badges is normal but Iím guessing that Archer and Reed have more than the usual amount? I like the hunting party, how their welcoming of Archer and his party but also distant with their own secrets and inside jokes. I dont like how they hunt obviously sentient beings but otherwise its interesting to see a species that is neither 'yaay lets be friends' nor 'go away before I kill you' but somewhere inbetween.
I like that Archer gets teased over his vision of a woman in a nightdress. I love the idea of these telepathic beings who can look however they want but get confused/panic if there are too many people present and their natural form is giant slug beasts yaay! Seriously the look on Archers face when he sees her true form at the end is sooo funny.

What I really donít like or understand is how a planet where its always night, thatís just drifting in space with no sun to warm it or shine upon it, is somehow covered in very dense forest?

Granted the episode does try to explain it by saying the planet has many thermal vents keeping the surface warm but still without sunlight the plants cannot photsynthesize which means they cant feed themselves, cant grow, cant produce oxygen, etcetera. So why is this rogue planet covered in plants, how does it have a breathable atmosphere? Just because it has thermal vents doesnít mean a good portion of the surface shouldnít be covered in ice from travelling through space, why isnít there a trail of debris and tiny dust particles trailing along behind it because it wouldnít just be sitting motionless in the middle of nowhere? If it had enough gumption to break free of its orbit and leave its home solar system behind it should be moving slowly through the cosmos not just sitting there twiddling its thumbs.

If anyone can explain the why of all this I would be most grateful otherwise I give this episode 3 stars.

Having watched Acquisition Iím now convinced that Neelix would have been a much better character if he had been a scheming but slightly dim Ferengi who had ended up stranded in the delta quadrant after taking a short cut through the badlands (maybe he was smuggling illegal stuff) rather than the overly cheerful, overly possessive, mildly racist, bumbling Talaxian that he ended up being.

Why does it take Trip so long to find some pants?

And why does he end up having to steal a uniform from someone passed out in medbay? Since he was able to check all 14 armoury things scattered all over the ship surely he would have had a moment to stop at his quarters and grab his uniform. Surely he could have grabbed the uniform he was wearing prior to going into quarantine unless it was destroyed for some reason. Archer, Trip and Típol make a good team quite effectively turning the bumbling Ferengi against one another and regaining control of the ship in a situation where they are outnumbered and unarmed though I do wonder why Trip and Típol didnít just sneak aboard the Ferengi ship and steal back all the weapons since the Ferengi couldnít have been carrying all of them on their person the entire time?

On the bright side this episode has Jeffrey Coombs who is insidiously excellent in any role. This episode gets 2 and a half stars.
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