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Re: The Life And Scandalous Times Of John Nathan-Turner

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^I don't buy that. I remember reading about how the costume designer was instructed to come up with a look for the Sixth Doctor that was as tasteless as possible, in order to reflect the new Doctor's erratic state of mind. In an interview, the designer talked about how hard it was to deliberately design something that looked awful. So JNT didn't choose the costume we got because he liked it, but because he thought it was the worst-looking one the designer had to offer.

Well yes, that's the official explanation. JNT never walked into the costume designer and said 'I want the Doctor to dress like me'. If the fan theory is true, he used the Doctor's instability as a justification, an excuse, for the bizarre dress sense, in much the same way he---allegedly---decided he wanted Bonnie Langford as a companion, and then told the production team that the next companion should have bright red hair for no reason other than the fact he wanted it. He then added 'And I can think of only one actress with bright red hair, Bonnie Langford'.
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