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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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Maybe what you're saying is Trek is best left to TV. Have the four or five episodes of phaser battles and hand-wringing villains, then sneak in a more thougtful or deeper-themed episode. Like sneaking vegetables into the pizza sauce. But popular culture, where Trek belongs, is not the place to nourish your mind. You'll end up malnourished. It's a place to treat yourself to some delicious high quality junk food. Go elsewhere for your nourishment.
I appreciate that sci-fi literature is of far more merit than Star Trek, as are shows like Babylon 5 and Neon Genesis Evangelion which take a far more ideas driven approach.

But even if it has to be action/adventure, it doesn't have to be fucking stupid action/adventure. The Trouble With Tribbles and Wrath of Khan are excellent scripts despite being adventure stories instead of science-fiction ones. Best of Both Worlds and Call to Arms are blockbuster action but smartly written. There's no excuse.
On that I agree whole-heartedly. We just draw our lines in different places and have different expectations going in.
Personally, I don't want my intelligence insulted, either. If I think STID is stupid, I'll certainly say so. But I'm also not expecting my horizons to be expanded when I go to see an action-adventure flick like STID, or even a comedy for that matter. It's where one sets the bar, I guess. That's cool.
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