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Re: Abrams wanted to blow up more than Romulus

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Oi! Come on. I won't have that... There was absolutely nothing wrong with Armus the oil slick.
Kind of surprised Armus never returned, he could have been a great Q-calibre foil for the TNG cast. Or even better, have Armus in the movies. Imagine what late 1990s movie budget could have done for him...
I think some wanted a more Roddy McDowell kind of evil voice--Derick Jacobi sounds a lot similar

I wanted to see the shining ones that shed Armus--hey, maybe it was the Q itself.

That all struck me as unlike Trek. Gene R was a materialist for the most part (even if he believed in some psychic powers, and allowed for some weirdness)--that was almost a Conan-in-Space Chronicles of Riddick kind of thing--which I do like.

Was it Howard who wrote about the evil star Yamil Zacra?
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