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Re: TNG Numbered Books?

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And, luckily, works perfectly as a standalone book despite it's Double Helix branding.
Yeah, they pretty much all do.
That was always the policy with the crossover events prior to Destiny. The idea was that each book would be pretty much a standalone with only a fairly loose common element connecting them, like all dealing with different aspects of the same threat at different times or places, or doing multiple stories taking place on the Klingon Day of Honor holiday, or whatever. That way, people who only followed certain series would still get a complete experience, but those who collected the whole crossover would get more. (Although the Gateways crossover didn't quite live up to that goal, because each book had a cliffhanger ending and the resolutions were all combined in a final hardcover volume.)

And Double Helix sort of confused the issue by publishing the whole thing under the TNG brand, but it really was a multi-series crossover like the others.
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