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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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I hope so too . Sadly, I looked at the teaser trailer for Abrams Trek III and it looks like more of the same.

*Paramount Logo*

*Kirk is looking solemn while Pike conducts another boring, incomprehensible rant*

Pike: You have honour. But you lack disicipline. Your father was a great fighter, and in the field of battle.. the fence is always open.

*Shot of a ship exploding*

*Uhura is giving Spock a blowjob in the turbo-lift*

*Shot of a planet exploding*

*Shot of a building exploding*

*A woman screams in slow motion*

*Scotty pulls a face to humour the thick people in the audience*


*Scotty proceeds to fall over*

*The Enterprise crashes in to a duck pond*

*One-dimensional Vengeful Villain appears in a room pitch-black yet full of lens-flare*


*Title and release date*
Oddly enough, biased exaggerations aside, that pretty much describes TOS and all of Trek down through time. And that descrition will probably bring in $300 million just in the U.S.

When was Trek ever anything other than a fun romp? It's a well done action-adventure series with interesting characters. That's all it was, and it's all it will be. I've never been sure where people find the gravitas in Trek other than what they read into it themselves.

It's like Beatles fans who take the songs too seriously. John Lennon got disgusted with fans who would try to analyze the lyrics of his songs for themes and meanings that he never intended to be there. He was just trying to write a commercially successful song, not enlighten anyone or make one think. They may have been clever and well done, but they were only as deep as fans wanted to make them. If it connected with you in some personal way, wonderful. But "connecting with you" wasn't his intention. It's a pop song. He was out to sell as many records as he could and make money.

Just enjoy the music for what it is. Have fun. Drop the pretense that it's important.
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