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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Well that didn't take very long. I burned through Martyr in three days, and didn't get chance to watch the other shows, but Voyager was calling out to me to be watched.

So here's Prime Factors

It started on a pretty boring level, but when they got round to introducing the space-folding transporter, and the Sikarian's unwillingness to share things started to look up. It's the Prime Directive in reverse. A rather nice idea, one that's then completely laid out.

But the way the episode unfolds pays that blatancy off. See the crew torn between trying to figure out the technology and respecting the Sikarian version of the Prime Directive is fascinating, along with the further developments of Seska, who really steps into the spotlight here, as well as the return of the Carey who was in the running for Chief Engineer. Having all these minor characters repeatedly pop up really sells the small crew. Apart from O'Brien and Morn I never really noticed this on previous Trek. Admittedly that could just be me being too young or the weekly instalments making me miss the subtler details, but I really like it.
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