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Re: DS9 Model behind-the-scenes

Thanks for the link! I hadn't seen that. That's the kind of thing I hope they'll include as a bonus feature in a Blu-ray release of Deep Space Nine. The insight it provides into the making of "Emissary" is amazing. I hadn't realized the effects for the hell planet Sisko sees inside the wormhole were that elaborate. The work of all those guys – Legato, Jein, Meininger, Hutzel, Drexler – was always extraordinary. Plus, most of them seem to be such nice people. It's always cool to see their work appreciated.

As for the model of the station itself: It looks freakin' gorgeous! One of my favorite models ever build for television or a movie. I'm so looking forward to seeing it in high definition. By the way, does anyone know of high resolution photos of the model? I would love to study the detail on it.
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