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Re: F1 2013 Championship

...yeah, but then I'd just be yet another one of those pretentious anti-Sky robots who bashes anything that they put their name to (even if it's awesome), all in the name of fighting that 'evil' capitalism (or for some other rubbish 'cause' that nobody cares about).

More importantly, DC gets on my nerves (even when he's not in Red Bull fanboy mode), and he drags Ben (who is a bit hit or miss IMO, but awesome when at his best) down with him.

Anyway, apparently the BBC have a quali show on at 5 AM-ish. Guess I could watch that instead of the Sky build-up (I rarely pay attention to build-up anyway unless there's some controversy going on that's still breaking news, or that I don't already know about), and then switch back to Sky, hopefully just in time for the race.
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