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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

GL: I feel it was too easy for Aya to be won back over. And just saying "Hey, guess what, you're a life form too" felt like a bit of a superficial way of doing it. I would've rather seen Hal confront Aya and force her to realize that everything she did was motivated by pain, not dispassionate logic.

I'm also disappointed that we didn't see Carol return. I'd hoped that once she'd become a Star Sapphire, she'd be brought back for the big finale. I would've liked to see all the various ring corps standing together against the cosmic threat. And Carol could've played a role in convincing Aya that she was really motivated by love after all.

Speaking of emotions, it took me a moment to fully get what we saw at the end, with the blue ring flying after Razer. It makes sense -- now his overriding motivation is not hate, but hope -- the belief against all reason that his true love survives somewhere, and the drive to seek her out no matter what. So if the series did return, he would no doubt become a Blue Lantern.

YJ: A bit cluttered, but a reasonably solid conclusion to the season's arcs. It did bug me that the JL was so rigid about not bribing the Rimborean court to gain their freedom. I know they're all about standing for truth and justice and whatnot, but they had obligations back on Earth. Still, I liked the way M'Gann and Connor were able to find a way to "bribe" the court into doing the right thing while still being true to their principles. Except I have to wonder why Batman or Superman didn't think of it first.

The magnetic field disruptors were not a very plausible doomsday weapon. Disrupting the Earth's magnetic field would do little worse than disrupting communications and electronics. After all, the field has periodically fluctuated, faded out, and inverted several times in the distant past, and it hasn't blown up the planet. Of course none of that really matters to a fantasy like this, but I'm afraid I didn't find Wally's sacrifice very emotionally effective, since it was -- perhaps unavoidably -- somewhat rushed. I think they were trying to parallel Barry's sacrifice from Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it didn't quite work. And it's a cinch that Wally is either one with the Speed Force or (seeing that it's Wally) trapped in the future now, so he would come back if there were a third season.

So Savage was working with Darkseid all along? Well, I guess that makes sense. We did see that Luthor had access to Father Boxes and boom tubes, so it stands to reason that the Light is allied with Apokolips. I guess the plan was A) discredit the League in order to B) attract the Reach's attention to Earth so that C) Luthor could "save" Earth from the Reach and gain power and thus D) pave the way for Darkseid's conquest. But now we won't get to see that part.

As for what's replacing these shows, the preview for Teen Titans Go! did not appeal to me. The new character designs and art style are much less appealing than Glen Murakami's designs from the original series. It doesn't seem like it'll be a show I want to watch, at least not regularly. I just hope Beware the Batman (which Murakami is working on) turns out better.
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