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Re: Taylor Swift, Why The Hate?

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^^^This was written in collaboration with T-Bone and The Civil Wars. It's not Taylor's. It sounds like a Civil Wars song.
I know. But whatever role she played in its creation, she's still a part of the song and it's easily imo her best work. We'll have to agree to disagree on her vocals there though. I think it's excellent.

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Happy doesn't equate "without merit."

I would argue with "The Band Perry" being pop. This song, the arrangement and instrument choices on "All Your Life," etc. Popular does not equal without merit, either. Something doesn't have to be obscure to be considered country. And the reason that I posted it was really about the lyrics and the fact there's a different character in the song. It's told from the position of being young without having to sound like every other pop song.
I agree! Happy and being popular don't equate without merit! Hence why I don't get your denouncing Swift's stuff; I mean, aside from making fun of her for being young? Also fair point about the Underwood and Lambert songs. You were going on about the "purity" of their instruments though and how adult their themes were, so I figured I'd go further with that.

And a melodramatic "You don't appreciate me now, but you will when I'm gone... and it'd be awesome to have a boy before I die" sounds like a pretty common theme for a young person.
I think there's some misconceptions about my argument. Because something is happy and fun, doesn't mean that it is ALWAYS profound, either. It depends on the song. And I have some Taylor Swift on my Spotify playlists. "Our Song" which is brilliant for a 14-year-old songwriter, and "Ours" which is a gay anthem as a far as I am concerned (and how I'm using it).

My complaint with her is that she doesn't sound good to me. My complaint is that she has three songs (I'm Happy to be young, my boyfriend broke up with me, I found love) and keeps writing them over and over again. My complaint is that she has won awards and become the top-selling Country artist the past two years. My problem with that is that artists who reach that plateau, whether songwriters themselves or not, do music that has more substance. By substance, I mean a deeper subject matter than the one she portrays. More emotive performances, a more mature subject matter, some relevance to them outside of their immediate concerns.

Her foray into pop doesn't bother me as long as she gets out of country music. When I hear "22," I'm afraid the CMAs will give her "Single of the Year" with that Justin Bieber-like song.

To put in a sentence, she hasn't grown up as a lyricist, a vocalist, or a performer. She still sounds like a teenager who has never been in love, who has never been truly heart-broken, who has never had to do without anything she didn't want in this life. I don't know if she has experienced those things, but that is what her music sounds like. There's no soul, there's no expression of the inner workings of the human condition. Depravity, privation, loss, pain, passion, love--it's all missing.

Take "22," for instance. Where is the money coming from to dress like a hipster? To stay out and take a break from life? What is she taking a break from? If she can't write about love and loss in a way that doesn't make me feel like she's still a teenager, then hire someone who can.

I expect her to be a better artist than that.
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