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Re: F1 2013 Championship

Well, that was a waste of a morning.

Going to have to skip watching Q2/Q3 I think, seeing as I only had two hours of sleep last night and have too much going on today to be able to squeeze in a power nap. The only way I could get to see both the quali and the race live is if I try to catch a few of hours sleep from the end of Q3 to halfway through the build-up (which means I run the risk of oversleeping and missing some or all of the race), or if I try to stay up from now until the end of the race (which normally wouldn't be too difficult, but there's no way I can manage that with only two hours of sleep in preparation).

Ahhhh the fun of watching broadcasts from funny time zones!

Hopefully there won't be any more thunderstorms tomorrow (unless Sky decide to hire out a generator for their OB truck and put a big UPS in the commentary box).
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