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Re: Season 3 Why So Many Good Story's !!!

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For me, the only episodes that I tend to skip are Captain's Holiday, Who Watches the Watchers, The High Ground and Transfigurations.
Personally, I really dig "Who Watches the Watchers." I think it's one of the standout episodes of the first half of Season 3. Solid writing, interesting premise and great Ron Jones score. Interestingly, it was the last episode with Michael Wagner in his brief stint as showrunner (he co-wrote "Evolution" with Michael Piller and recommended him for the job when he decided to leave).
I adore Who Watches the Watchers. Probably my favourite episode of all time. That scenes between Picard and Nuria on the Enterprise are just brilliant, and quintessential Star Trek to me.

Other favourites are Tin Man, The Survivors, The Defector, The High Ground, Transfigurations, the list goes on. Pretty much all of season 3, really. Yeah, there are a few episodes that are weaker (The Loss immediately springs to mind) but it's by far my favourite season of any Trek show.
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