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Re: The one cool thing about the Pope selection process

While I agree that that 2013 is a pretty cool image, some of the comments posted are pretty interesting. One person mentions that the top photo is actually from a funeral (of John Paul II), at a different angle, and at a greater distance from the Vatican (I suppose is may also be that case that something is actually happening in the bottom photo, while the people are simply standing and waiting for something to happen in the top photo). While I suspect that there would be many more devices in the 2013 photo, it would be interesting to know how the factors mentioned above might be skewing the perception given by the images.

Another comment there was interesting, too: that most people are now more concerned with capturing the moment rather than being part of it firsthand. My aunt's husband was like this 20 years ago, though, with his video camera. He filmed all of my family during every bit of a 20 minute walk we took on a snowy afternoon, and when we returned to the house afterwards, wanted immediately to sit and watch what he had filmed....(and had missed ??)...

I do agree, though, that we are moving fast towards those devices seen in the movies portraying the not-too-distant future.

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