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Re: "A Few weeks latter they found a cure, a god damned cure!"Contrive

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Assuming that medical research in the 23rd century will work the same way as it does today, wouldn't word of this cure be around long before it becomes available?
"Word of a cure" still has to come sometime. Like one day there's no cure, then there is a possibility.
But it wouldn't be word of a cure. Let's say Bones had no knowledge at all, and then a few weeks later he heard. He certainly wouldn't have heard of a cure, for the simple reason that they couldn't have developed one so quickly. he would have heard, "We've discovered a way of disabling one of the genes in the virus that causes the disease" or something like that. It would have taken a few years at least to conduct the research and develop it into a treatment that could have been administered to people.

And if what came a little while after his dad's death was an actual cure, Bones would have known at the time, "They're working on a project that is very promising." And therefore the news of a cure wouldn't have come as a surprise at all.
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