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Re: Season 3 Why So Many Good Story's !!!

The Survivors
Who Watches the Watchers
The Bonding
The Hunted
The High Ground
Deja Q
A Matter of Perspective
Yesterday's Enterprise
The Offspring
Sins of the Father
The Best of Both Worlds, Part I

All these episodes are on my all-time favorites list. The show managed to do two things at once--be focused on the emotional aspect of the show's characters (including guest stars) and delve into some deep material. It's not my favorite season--that's next Blu-Ray release and I would be interested to know what they will release in the movie theater next time around--but it has its share of classics. The shows weren't ripped from the headlines or heavy-handed. Genetically altered soldiers--killing machines--and what do after they come back from combat. Where were we in a war in 1990? Terrorism ripping apart a society and the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter? This is WAY BEFORE 9/11. The shows dealt with problems in the 24th century that we might face, but still be relevant today. The writing was quality, not in terms of dialogue which was rather blunt, but in terms of story structure and they turned in some great performances.

I am tempted to re-watch some of the episodes I have forgotten about like Tin Man and The Most Toys.
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