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Re: "A Few weeks latter they found a cure, a god damned cure!"Contrive

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Anyone know the name of the first American sentenced to death row who was exonerated by DNA fingerprinting?

Kirk Noble Bloodsworth. His blood proved his (noble) worth. Not kidding.

Reality itself can seem highly contrived at times.
I've always felt similarly about the fact that a legendarily famous writer was named William Wordsworth. There is also the fact that the court case that legalized interracial marriage in all states was Loving vs Virginia. Cause, ya know, Virginia was against interracial loving.

Anyway, as for the main topic of this thread, that scene did not strike me as trying to make any statement about suicide or euthanasia. It was just providing a reasonable source of personal angst for McCoy.
I thought I had found everlasting joy and happiness, but when I clicked the link, it just took me to a Rick Astley video.
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