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Re: Taylor Swift, Why The Hate?

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^^^This was written in collaboration with T-Bone and The Civil Wars. It's not Taylor's. It sounds like a Civil Wars song.
I know. But whatever role she played in its creation, she's still a part of the song and it's easily imo her best work. We'll have to agree to disagree on her vocals there though. I think it's excellent.

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Happy doesn't equate "without merit."

I would argue with "The Band Perry" being pop. This song, the arrangement and instrument choices on "All Your Life," etc. Popular does not equal without merit, either. Something doesn't have to be obscure to be considered country. And the reason that I posted it was really about the lyrics and the fact there's a different character in the song. It's told from the position of being young without having to sound like every other pop song.
I agree! Happy and being popular don't equate without merit! Hence why I don't get your denouncing Swift's stuff; I mean, aside from making fun of her for being young? Also fair point about the Underwood and Lambert songs. You were going on about the "purity" of their instruments though and how adult their themes were, so I figured I'd go further with that.

And a melodramatic "You don't appreciate me now, but you will when I'm gone... and it'd be awesome to have a boy before I die" sounds like a pretty common theme for a young person.
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