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Re: Thoughts on "Valiant"?

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As she isn't a Starfleet officer, NCO, or anything the idea that she can just take command of a Starfleet vessel like she has any authority what so ever is kind of idiotic, I mean seriously the freaking cadets commanding the ship actually make more sense than that.
Kira may not have been Starfleet, but she wouldn't have taken any guff from Watters and the rest of his crew. She certainly wouldn't fall for Watters' charms the way Nog did. She'd either kick his ass and take the ship from him, or they'd be forced to lock her up, the way they locked up Jake.
Well seeing as the odds were the entire crew to her, I think she would have ended up in the brig. Seriously isn't doesn't really matter how badass a person is when it's everyone against them.
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