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Re: A parade of spaceships...

Candidly I'm not interested in doing the Mongo ship as I don't find it as visually appealing as the Zarkov Rocket Ship. I want to move onto other things.

When I scaled my model earlier I made a boo-boo. I measured it to from nose to tail and forgot about the aft wheel housing which actually extends a bit farther than the tail. And so my length overall is actually 53' - 9-11/32" or 16.431492m.

Speaking of scaling this does bring me back to discussing the interior.It really is a foreshadowing of what would be seen again in Star Trek with the TOS shuttlecraft. The full-size mock-up of the Rocket Ship is proportionally a bit shorter than the filming miniature and the access hatch is proportionally larger. There's no way whatsoever the interiors shown onscreen could fit into that mock-up. I haven't tried to scale the mock-up from screen caps, but I seriously doubt it was 50ft. in length from what I can see. Even at 53ft. in length my version can still be a bit cramped. Still, my version does allow for interiors that could seem close to what was seen onscreen.

There is another distinction, though, The ship onscreen was basically shown as a mostly empty airplane in space able to go to another world. There is next to no nod to the realities of space travel (not surprising since practically no one of the time had any real idea as to the realities). My version takes a somewhat different approach. Since we actually saw very little of the ship's interior beyond the forward compartment I've chosen to interpret what little is shown to depict a (somewhat) more credible interior layout. The one thing I didn't do was add an actual airlock since adding one would have resulted in something about the size of a closet---meaning they could exit the ship only one at a time if the outside conditions were inhospitable. Besides which the Rocket Ship (like many other sic-fi ships to follow) was depicted, perhaps unwittingly, as being more advanced than it might have been intended. They have a "counter magnet" or "gravity neutralizer" system---antigravity. In extent, although I don't recall it ever being mentioned, they evidently also have artificial gravity since no one floats out of their seat while in flight (clever man that Dr, Zarkov). Artificial gravity would also spare them from some effects of acceleration and deceleration.

The main problem with the design is that it's basically a cylinder that tapers at both ends. Unless it's meant to be a big ship than that doesn't afford you much room if you want a standing interior.
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